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This is the most important thing to consider when matching wine with cheese as all the other components have an effect on the intensity and is generally due to the AGE of the cheese.

White wine is a surprisingly good match with most cheeses despite many people’s perceptions. High acid wines are generally always food friendly as not only do they cut through fat but lift out the flavours (think of how a squeeze of lemon juice can transform a dish). Other whites with softer acid achieve this through a process called Malolactic fermentation. This converts the lactic acid in the wine (think green apple flavours) to malic acid (creamy flavours) and this creaminess can really compliment a rich buttery cheese such as Brie de Meaux.
One of the key components on matching cheese with red wines is the tannins. Tannin is extracted from grape skins and creates a ‘drying’ sensation in the mouth. Tannins vary depending on the thickness of the skin of the grape, how long the skins have been in contact with the wine and whether the wine has been aged in oak (which adds tannins but also softens them). Tannins bond with fat molecules and create a flavour sensation in your mouth by softening the tannins and cleansing your palate all at the same time.

For a fuller ‘techy’ article about tannins have a look at what Jamie Goode has to say about it.

Young cheeses tend to have a high water content which makes them light and airy – a heavy, tannic or aged wine would completely overwhelm the taste. For young fresh cheeses you need something with good acidity and low to no tannins such as sparkling wine, crisp whites, dry rosés or light fruity reds.

As the cheeses ages a process called affinage takes place in which the water evaporates leaving behind fats and proteins as well as the cheeses developing new flavours (depending on their style) from a nutty sweetness, such as in Emmental, or the more funky flavours you find in Blue Cheeses.

They go so beautifully with rich, aged cheeses because the tannins bind together with the fats and proteins, cleansing your palate for the next mouthful.

Big tannins with young cheeses really don’t work as they tie up what little fat is in the cheese leaving a chalky, metallic sensation.

Cheese can vary hugely in texture. It can be creamy, fluffy, grainy, oily, springy, sticky, brittle, chalky (I could go on). The key is whether to go for something to compliment (i.e. a rich, buttery burgundy with creamy aged cheddar) or to go the polar opposite and try something contrasting like champagne that’s high acidity cuts through the richness of the cheddar.
Flavours can also compliment or oppose each other depending on what you prefer

As with all food and wine matching, the wine produced in a certain region has been developed over many years (sometimes centuries) alongside the local cuisine. It is almost universally true that what grows together goes together.

Which do you want to be the star of the show, the cheese or the wine?


First up are.....

Manium Mencia - Perfect for Haggis. Click on the wine for a recipe by First Coast Restaurant

Juan Gill Monastrell - perfect match for Simon's slow cooker venison stew 

Chateau L'Ermitage Tradition Blanc - fantastic with smoked haddock omelette

Trout Valley Pinot Gris - a winner with chicken wanton soup

and 2 wines that work fabulously with Clare's mother in law's chicken curry

Domaine du Veldilhan Viognier OR Darling Cellars Cinful Cinsault

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Château L'Ermitage 'Tradition' Blanc 2015 Costières de Nîmes

A tasty, fruity and fresh white from the Rhône.

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Domaine de Vedilhan Viognier 2016

Gorgeous new vintage! This star Viognier is a peachy, ...

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Juan Gil 4 Monastrell 2015

Dark, chunky and full of blackberry and plum fruit with ...

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Kahurangi Chardonnay 2013/14

Gently oaked with citrus and honey blossom leading to a ...

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Manium Mencia Crianza 2013

Toasty oak, blackcurrants, cassis and violet with sweet ...

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Opta Branco 2016

TOP STAFF FAVOURITE!!!! Fresh and crisp. Grapefruit and ...

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Trout Valley Pinot Gris 2016

Delicate floral characters on the nose lead to ripe pears ...

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