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UNDERSTANDING our own roots, CARING for the land, PRESERVING tradition as a key to access to the future.

This is our mission, and we put it into practice through every step of our job and every season of the year, from the work in the vineyards to the techniques used in the cellar, to ensure that our production really constitutes a tribute to a land naturally inclined to great viticolture.

In the heart of the Pescara province, the Vestini landshire stretches from the Appennini mountains to the Adriatic sea; among these gentle hills seats the town of Collecorvino, which long before the Roman empire based its economy on agricolture, mainly on vine growing and olives coltivation.

Contesa estate has its roots grounded in the history of this land, where it inherited a great wine making tradition

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Caparonne Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2016

Rich, spicy and robust - great with sausages!

Sales price: £10.39
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Pecorino Capparone Contesa 2016

**NEW** 100% Pecorino which is fast becoming the "in thing".

Sales price: £9.49
Price / kg:

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