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Our producer of the month is : KAHURANGI

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10% off all Kahurangi, Trout Valley and The Cut wines for all of June 

  Kahurangi Estate is a family owned boutique vineyard dedicated  to producing hand-made premium quality wines in a truly  sustainable  manner. Their focus is on aromatic grape varieties  that respond to the Nelson region's cool climate conditions. The  vineyard was planted in 1973 and has the oldest commercial  Riesling  vines in the South Island. They purchased the existing  vineyard in 1998, developing the Kahurangi brand and becoming  one of the fastest growing wineries in New  Zealand.


 2017 vintage : They had a lot of rain throughout March & April, the months they pick their grapes. This year they had 414mls of rain against the 2016 period of only 204mls. It’s the timing of the rain that counts and in February 2016 they received 115mls of rain against only 26mls this February

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In order to know a little more about Kahurangi and their wines, we did an email interview with Sam Day who along with her father, mother and two brothers own and run Kahurangi win Estate :


What makes Kahurangi wines so special?
I think it’s our family passion for the business which makes Kahurangi wines so special. There is often an open family conversation regarding the direction of the wines and the flavour profiles we are looking for. This allows us to react to market demands while staying true to the classic Kahurangi fruit profiles. All of us have been involved in Kahurangi over the last 18 years (my parents Amanda and Greg, as well as my two brothers Riki and Kirk), it runs in our blood and our pride in the business makes us strive to make the best Nelson wines possible.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced this year?
The biggest challenge I have faced has been in our domestic market in New Zealand. The market is so competitive and is proving more difficult year on year to gain a strong representation in the domestic market. Luckily due to our strong industry relationships and the quality of our wines we are maintaining our position. On the vineyard side I think it was losing some of our Montepulcaino to the vineyard pond this year! It was the very end of vintage and the Monty was the last to pick, someone hadn’t secured the trailer properly and it ended up in the drink…! See picture attached.


What are the most exciting things happening in Nelson this year?
Nelson is a really exciting region. Nelson grows all the hops for beer in New Zealand as well as for the export market. There is so much amazing fresh produce in Nelson, as a region we really celebrate small artisans doing exciting things with our fresh produce. Nelsonions also really celebrate our local beer and wine industry and its so import to have that local support.

What was it like growing up in a winery?
Its pretty awesome really! I think I only really appreciate it now that I live in Auckland and not on our beautiful vineyard in Nelson. My brothers and I all worked on the vineyard while we were growing up, you name it, we did it! However those painful holiday jobs helped developed my knowledge of vineyards/winemaking which is essential in my job now.

What is the hardest part of your job?
Public speaking!!! I always find it a bit tricky getting up in front of a large group of people but luckily there is usually wine involved so a little Dutch courage generally helps!

What is the most enjoyable?
Travelling overseas for export to see our customers. I also find it really interesting understating wine trends in other countries and where new Zealand wines fit into that.

Where do you see the future of Kahurangi headed?
We are really focusing on our export market, demand for New Zealand wine overseas is growing and we are now focusing on the USA. Apart from that we are at a perfect size so don’t plan on growing the winery any further. We are now just focusing on our wines and maintaining our quality.

What are the challenges of working in a family business?
Yeah….there are a few! Mostly is amazing because we can easily communicate with each other regarding the direction of Kahurangi but it can be quite stressful too. I guess I can easily take on my parents stress sometimes, it affects us all so personally so when something happens in the business it happens to all of us. I think we also need to learn to switch off from work mode, particularly on a Saturday night if we are sharing a bottle of wine together, the discussion can easily turn to work!

When not dealing in wine what do you like to do?
I love food, sometimes a little too much! Creating new dishes in the kitchen at home or trying the newest restaurant in town is always a big treat. This is often enhanced by wine so hard to get away from it really! In the summer I also love heading to the beach, we are very spoilt in Auckland with too many beaches to choose from. Beach days are also made better with a glass of Kahurangi Rose!

What is your favourite wine?
Chardonnay all the way! Obviously my favourite is Mt Arthur Chardonnay but I love to trying chardonnays for regions I’m not familiar with. Always fun finding new favourite wines.



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Kahurangi Chardonnay 2013/14

Gently oaked with citrus and honey blossom leading to a ...

Sales price: £9.80
Discount: £-1.09
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Estate Gewurztraminer 2016

Rose, lychee and ginger on the nose with rich apricot and ...

Sales price: £9.17
Discount: £-1.02
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Estate Mount Arthur Chardonnay 2016

Rich, barrel fermented delicious white with cashew nuts, ...

Sales price: £12.73
Discount: £-1.42
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Estate Pinot Gris 2016

An aromatic white with dried pears and delicate spice, ...

Sales price: £9.31
Discount: £-1.04
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Estate Pinot Noir Rose 2016

How pink is this? Made entirely from Pinot Noir grapes, ...

Sales price: £9.85
Discount: £-1.10
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Montepluciano 2013

The only NZ Montepluciano?

Sales price: £9.85
Discount: £-1.10
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Mount Arthur Riesling 2015

An elegant wine displaying everything a Riesling-Lover loves

Sales price: £10.34
Discount: £-1.15
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Pinot Noir 2011

Fresh red berries mingle with chocolate on a rich peppery ...

Sales price: £10.12
Discount: £-1.13
Price / kg:

Kahurangi Syrah 2014

Gold medal winner..

Sales price: £11.96
Discount: £-1.33
Price / kg:

The Cut Pinot Noir 2014

Easy drinking Pinot Noir packed full of silky strawberry ...

Sales price: £9.13
Discount: £-1.02
Price / kg:

The Cut Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Our Top-Selling Sauvignon. In fact, make that our ...

Sales price: £7.70
Discount: £-0.86
Price / kg:

Trout Valley Pinot Gris 2016

Delicate floral characters on the nose lead to ripe pears ...

Sales price: £9.13
Discount: £-1.02
Price / kg: