12 Mixed lighter style REDS

2 of each of these lighter side of life REDS (plenty fruit but lower tannins)
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A mix box of Pinot Noir and similar soft, mellow reds.

2 of each; (12 wines in total)

L'Artisan Grenache / Pinot Noir, France

Fresh ripe and juicy with a morish drinkability.

Les Oliviers Grenache 2016, France

Eyebrow lifting quality - soft, medium bodied, red fruit, juicy. No obvious tannin.

St Martin Pinot Noir 2016, France

Unbelievably juicy and soft Pinot, full of black cherry juice.

Santa Alba Reserve Pinot Noir 2017, Chile

Cherries, wild berries and a note of cinnamon smoke, dark cherries covered in chocolate & vanilla ice cream.

Santiago Pinot Noir 2017, Chile

Stainless steel tank fermented Pinot with lovely character. He ain't heavy, but he is very, very tasty.

Barbera D'Asti Crocera 2015, Italy

Ripe damson, bit of black cherry, spice and smoke. 12 months in oak give it great structure.