Discovery Case

A few of our favourite discoveries of 2017
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2 of each;

Domaine L'Orangerie de Montrabech Pinot Gris 2016 , France

Petal musk, apricot, lush, yum, yum, yum....

Quara Estate Viognier 2017, Argentina

Blended by our own Richard! A fresh and lively Viognier, peaches and apricots and a refreshing zestiness.

Santiago Sauvignon Blanc 2016/17, Chile

Lime, lemon, passionfruit- zesty treats from the Central valley

L'Artisan Jean Marcel Grenache/Pinot Noir, France

Black cherry & white pepper of the  Grenache marries leather and plum of the Pinot (hmm leathery plums... no, let's not go there) 

Rioja Vega Tempranillo Collecion 2015, Spain

Pretty chunky say Richard, presumably describing the wine....youthful, vigorous too with ripe blackberries and cream 

Vinedo De Los Vientos 'Anarkia' Tannat 2015, Uruguay

Way more accessible than most natural, no-added-sulphur, wild yeast wines. Bold, meaty but well-defined black fruit and good acidity.