2 each of 6 bottles from off the beaten wine track

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Discover some interesting and wonderful new wines from lesser known ‘unusual’ grape varieties. A great chance to try something a little different!

2 bottles of each.

Vinho Verde Vila Nova, Portugal

VINHO VERDE. Floral, citrus and gentley tropical with sherbet lemon acidity, a touch of mango and a bright mineral finish.

Ca di Ponti Catarratto, Italy

SICILY: Medium bodied, aromatic honeysuckle, peach and a whiff of fennel balanced by lemony zestiness.

Kardos Dry Furmint, Hungary

TOKAJ. Dry, brilliantly crisp and elegant white with lovely minerality. Grapefruit, lime and pear fruit balanced with a refreshing, slightly bitter finish.

Ottavienello Tenuta Serranova, Italy

PUGLIA. Ottavienello is actually Cinsault, and this one is a dark, sumptuous, velvety, black forest gateau of a wine, quite unlike the lighter, thinner examples from elsewhere.

Alfonso the Grape, Argentina

ARGENTINA: An obscure variety Invented by a Frenchman called Alfonse! With a bit of Syrah added too, this drinks like a juicy Beaujolais. Not heavy and with lovely freshness.

Terre Di Valter Aglianico, Italy

CAMPANIA. Phenomenal intensity, complexity, length and just damned tasty. Great quality, tiny, family producer near Naples.