Bordeaux. Cracking value cassis laden, tea leaf and pencil lead scented beauty, would like an introduction to roast beef. Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Petit Verdot. Oaked.

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A wine that possesses all the finesse and power that you should expect froma classed St Julien estate but at half the price. Textbook pencil lead, tea chest nose with a well structured palate of intense cassis fruit and fine grained tannins.

A really classy, texbook, excellent-value bottle of Bordeaux, from the left bank appelation of Saint Julien. Chateau Lalande is sandwiched between two classed growth chateaux – Talbot and Lagrange – on gravel covered soils, this Petite Chateau is able to produce wines of exceptional quality relative to those at similar price points.

Cabernet Sauvignon dominates on the left bank, though here it is only 55% of the blend, with some plummy Merlot making up 40% with a little dash of Cabernet Franc for colour and fragrance. Aged in new French oak for somewhere between 12-16 months.

As this wine is packed pull of flavour it can handle somewhere with lots of flavour too. Roast beed is a traditional match; especially rib roast! There is common belief that harsh, tannic red wine and red meat go so well together is because the tannins in the wine combine with the protiens in the meat to create a smoothing sensation. This is not too far from the truth but is false all the same! It has been proven that the salt used to season steak or any red meat is responsible for calming the tannins…the protien and fat of meat actually go some way to increasing the bitter sensation of tannins. Who knew??