ROMANIA Searing acidity balanced by a not inconsiderable amount of residual sugar; zingy, limey and complex. Organic

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A fantastic Romanian Riesling, took Richard and Angus by storm. Awesome limey fruit, gooseberry, apricot and herbaceous spice. A decent amount of residual sugar yet with classy high acidity, perfectly balanced together, just makes your mouth water. Amazing with Thai food or well seasoned fish.


GRAPE Riesling CLOSURE Screw cap
REGION Crisana & Maramures VEGETARIAN Yes


DRY    |________|________|________*________|     SWEET

LIGHT  |________|________*________|________|     FULL BODIED

NO OAK  *________|________|________|________|   OAKY


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Unusual grape varieties? Check! Organic? Check! Natural? Check! Nice packaging? Checkety-check-check! More important than ticking boxes however, the wines are great. Looking back at my notes from when I first tasted these, the word 'compelling' keeps appearing – these are unique and interesting wines that develop in the glass and hold your attention. Nachbil is located in Beltiug in the North-Western Transylvania region of Romania where they organically farm 23 ha of vineyard in excellent climactic conditions. The 300 year old wine cellar sits next to a new wine making facility, where all grapes are processed.Since 2010, the vines have been tended without herbicide, pesticide and mineral fertilizers, and this minimal intervention approach is continued in the winery where they avoid additives such as cultured yeast and enzymes or other technical interventions. The only ingredient used in wine production at Nachbil is grapes. As everywhere, the soil and climate represent the foundation of viticulture. In Beltiug, there are different types of clays and a moderate warm climate ideal for grape vines, and with a wide range of plots, Nachbil have an assortment of microclimates to suit different varieties.


Handpicked dry farmed organically grown grapes with nothing added – fermentation in stainless steel with wild yeasts. After 3 months in the stainless steel tanks the Riesling undergoes minimal fining and light filtration before being bottled and kept a further 4 months before release.


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