Williams Bros Harvest Sun 3.9% 50cl

Scottish, Brewed to quench the thirst and revive the spirit
Williams Bros Harvest Sun 12 x 50cl
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This is a straight up, honest, working man's ale; brewed to quench the thirst and revive the spirit. Pours a straw gold with a pleasant citrus aroma that gives way to a balanced and satisfyingly bitter finish. 3.9% Abv

Williams Brothers Brewing Co. started life with the historic brew Fraoch when, 1988, a woman of Gaelic decent came into the Glasgow brewshop Bruce was working in traded the 'Leanna Fraoch' recipe for the knowledge of how to brew it.

Since setting up shop in a five barrel brewery in Taynuilt things have snowballed... Now based in Alloa, Williams produce an eclectic range of craft beers using historic recipes, high quality ingredients from all over the shot combined with high tech equipment gives characterful, incredibly tasty, easy drinking beers.