£100 Thursday 1st April- 7pm- Zoom tasting- Great Grog & The Cheese Lady- New World Wine vs Old World Cheese

Join Sir Simon De Grog and Svetlana, Cheese Guru and owner of Indie Cheese Shop "The Cheese Lady" as we attempt to find miraculous pairings, all without the aid of a safety net....SPACES LIMITED TO 20 SO HURRY!
With shipment "Click & Collect" @Shop 2 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh for £0.00
With shipment FREE DELIVERY for £0.00
With shipment "Click & Collect" @Warehouse, 17 East Cromwell Street, Leith for £0.00
With shipment Free Delivery Tom Cannavan course for £0.00
Sales price £100.00
Price / kg:

 Please join our resident wino Simon and Svetlana, owner/cheese oracle
of independent emporium The Cheese Lady in Haddington, East Lothian,
as we do battle to create fabulous pairings of the finest fermented
grape juice from outside Europe and the most moreish milk-based proteins
from closer to home.
Simon & Svetlana have joined forces for a few private events already but
this is the first public partnership between us.

PS she's fantastic!

4 fine cheeses & 2 condiments
3 fine wines (average price at least £13.33)
The final line up will be based on availability nearer the time

£100 per household early bird for booking before Sun Feb 21st then £110
(includes delivery of both wine & cheese anywhere in mainland UK.)
NB: Will be sent separately! Wine any time you like once we've chosen
them; cheese just before the day)