£70 Thursday 25th March ZOOM TASTING in partnership with the amazing EAST COAST CURED

£70 Thursday 25th March ZOOM TASTING in conjunction with EAST COAST CURED.
Award winning husband and wife team Susie and Steven will share the secrets of their expertly crafted artisan charcuterie and we'll pair with some equally exquisite wines. Spaces are extremely limited to 15 so book early to avoid disappointment
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The Wines

Gobillard NV Champagne 1/2 bottle - Even Champagne can sometimes surprise you with how good it is. This is one of those wines.

Fernando de Castilla Manzanilla Sherry - DRY -Intense, minerally, salty and super as a starter or finisher...

Montresor 'Urban park' Apassimento - mini-Amarone, dried grapes, 6 months oak, smooth cherry chocolate richness, very pleasing.

Rioja Vega Reserva 2015 - Unctuous, spicy, soft Rioja that has more medals than Mr T.


The Charcuterie

Saucisson Sec - A celebration of our French friends, this is our take on a classic. Our rich and succulent saucisson sec is simply seasoned with white pepper and fresh garlic. The ultimate snacking salami, we like to cut Saucisson Sec into generous chunks and enjoy it with some fresh baked crusty bread or as the starting point in a charcuterie board. Serve with a well chilled pale ale or a light fruity Beaujolais. Bon appétit!

Salami PiIcante - A classic Italian-style spiced salami incorporating chillies, black pepper, and garlic, our Picante salami is great way to add just the right amount of heat to a cheese or charcuterie board. Alternatively, if you like to have a spicy option on pizza night, try sliced Picante salami with black olives and lashings of chilli oil!
Porcini & Truffle  - Our triple-award winning Porcini & Truffle salami is one of our best sellers. We use pork, porcini mushrooms and truffle oil to create this rich, earthy and indulgent salami. A talking point in any sharing platter, our Porcini and Truffle salami’s robust flavour profile stands up well to big hearty red and white wines and is an excellent accompaniment to strong dark beers and crackling fires.
Coppa The coppa is a stunning cut from the neck of the pig, with layers of fat creating beautiful marbling through the finished product. We cure ours with black pepper, juniper, thyme and bay. It’s a staff favourite!