ZOOM Cheese & Wine Tasting with Svetlana & Simon FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER

Join our Simon & Svetlana "The Cheese Lady" in an odyssey into the miracle that is cheese and wine. FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER 2021. 7PM-9PM (NB DATE CHANGE FROM 3RD SEPT)
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Intrepid gastronauts Simon of Grog and Svetlana The Cheese Lady will set off in the unknown, to boldy go where only quite a few have been before, the mystical dimension where wine & cheese intersect.

We'll do 4 wines; I'm thinking....(might change last minute if I have a brainwave)

Prosecco Zonin Special Cuvee 20cl

Greystone Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Rioja Vega Ltd Edition Tempranillo

Trentham Noble Taminga 375cl

all matched with 4 cheeses + 2 condiments

Blast off is 7 and flight time will be roughly 2 hours.

£100 includes delivery from both Svetlana and Grog (cheese and wine will arrive separately a few days prior to the event).

Should be grate........