Chateau Le Peuy Saintcrit Bordeaux Superieur 2015 (Red)

Bordeaux. Supple, plummy claret that punches above its weight.
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Bordeaux Superieur

80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

Château Peuy Saincrit is a beutiful estate situated on the right bank of the Garonne river.

The estate is located on one of the roads of pilgrimage towards St Jacques de Compostelle.

The vineyard have the particularity to be crossed by the 45th parallel. Situated on Montalon’s hillside, highest point of the region, the estate benefits from exceptional favorable natural conditions.

Orientated South, the vineyard takes advantage of an exceptional sunshine period.

Thanks to his geographical and natural position, the estate is preserved from frost and hail.

The vineyard is mainly planted with old vines planted on a rocky base recovers by a thin layer of clay and limestone. This very qualitative terroir is particularly well suited to produce an high quality wine.