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The Terra Santa beans begin to dry naturally, on the tree itself. Then they are delicately handpicked by people trained to appreciate and understand the subtleties ofcoffee. The beans are washed in pure, uncontaminated water, taken from the depths of the earth, and afterwards they are dried in the sun and then stored in wooden containers for 90 day.

Fire, for coffee, is like fire for precious metals. A good coffee has to reveal itself fully during the roasting, allowing itself to become sweetly golden, full of sugars and flavor. Terra Santa Coffee is sold to stores dried, the beans whole, so that they can roast it to their own taste. But before this, samples of it are roasted and tested on the estate to be sure the coffee leaving the premises deserves to be called Terra Santa. Because anything less than the finest would not be up to the standard of the Proença's dream.