Representing the 5th generation of the Bordeaux Lurton Family, François Lurtonset up his own business in 1988 firstly with his brother Jacques. Today he runs the company single-handedly : owns and produces wines in estates in four countries :ArgentinaChile,  Spain and France.

François and Jacques Lurton found this “dream land” whilst working as consultants for the San Pedro vineyards. The first bottles of Araucano, the name of the last of Chile’s indigenous people, saw the light in 1997. In 2000, François bought 200 hectares of land in the valley of Colchagua. Although he had never before owned vines in this area, the acquisition was no accident: the influence of the oceanic climate moderates the heat that comes from the valley. The difference of the temperature during the day and during the night allows the grapes to reach exceptional levels of maturity. The valley is divided into particularly varied microclimates, which, in turn, and thanks to blending, allows for the production of incredibly complex wines.