In 50 years, we have become a force in wine growth and production in the great south of France. and a major international player recognised for its expertise and know-how.

Born in Languedoc-Roussillon, a territory with more than 2,600 years of wine-making tradition, our name, Vinadeis, with its Latin resonance, pays tribute to this legacy and historical expertise.

With more than 520 employees, our group has a unique set of skills as a producer, winemaker, blender and maturer of the wines of the South of France. VINADEIS is a vertically integrated global player in vine-to-glass, with a number of specialised tools in packaging, logistics and marketing. It is an outstanding expert in various fields: a creator of well-known brands, the undisputed leader in the commercialisation of Domaines et Châteaux in the South of France, a pioneer in packaging and new products through its subsidiary dedicated to innovation, an expert in organic products and creator of a wine experience totally orientated towards customer satisfaction.