Catherine Marshall 'The Oreads' Amatra Merlot 2017

Elgin. Silky smooth, soft, sexy and deep.. mmm... sounds like Richard (he wishes!) 12 months in oak. Vegan.
Catherine Marshall Amatra Merlot 2014
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A group of wine enthusiasts collaborated to form a partnership with Catherine Marshall Wines and invested with the purpose to produce wines of character, style and drinkability.

Bright, fresh black plums, plush purple fruits and a vibrant thread of fresh acidity from the cool climate fruit from the Elgin Valley.

Amatra is an old Sanskrit word that was used by the ancient Persians and refers to the vessels in which their ritual wines or Soma were stored for purposes of cultural festivals and they believed that once consumed, a state of higher powers of wisdom and enlightenment was attained.




12 months in oak.