Old World Classics - 12 mixed bottles

2 of each of these Classic Superstars. A mixed box of delightful wines to appeal to any drinker who likes a touch of class in their life.
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2 of each.

Pinot Grigio Lunardi, Italy

Excellent version that shines out amongst its bland brethren. Lively, peachy & lovely.

Macon-Solutre-Pouilly, Domaine Romanin, France

Chablis-esque in style with a brilliant clean, citrusy quality and creamy texture.

Camina Verdejo, Spain

A clean living, fresh, well-groomed, good-looking young thing, a little like Clark Kent before he left for the big smoke. Great value indeed.

Cote du Rhone Chaume-Arnaud Petit Coquette, France

Biodynamic, Organic, sustainable and tastes fantastic. Peppery & spicy and gymnastically balanced

Barbera D'Asti, Italy

Rich & full of intense plum, sour cherries & toasty oak with dark chocolate and tangy, juicy aciidty.

Rioja Vega Tempranillo, Spain

A scrummy Joven (young & un-oaked) type of Rioja. The fruit is immense & yet it is smooth & has lovely depth of flavour. Be prepared to be impressed