Old World Classics - 12 mixed bottles

2 of each of these Classic Superstars. A mixed box of delightful wines to appeal to any drinker who likes a touch of class in their life.
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2 of each.

Ca di'Ponti Cattaratto 2019, Italy

Medium bodied, aromatic honeysuckle, peach and a whiff of fennel balanced by lemony zestiness.

Muscadet Doaine de la Combe, France

Crisp, crunchy thing... the purest citrus juice and a touch of mineral salinity.

Rioja Vega White, Spain

Clean, un-oaked, fruity, light & really tasty.

Cotes du Rhone La Griveliere, France

Really cracking grenache led red. Very deep, ripe dark, juicy berry fruit, full bodied and slightly spicy.

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo Conviviale, Italy

Intense vibrant morello cherry fruit, layered up with bramble and a soft, sweet lick of oak.

Rioja Vega Tempranillo, Spain

A scrummy Joven (young & un-oaked) type of Rioja. The fruit is immense & yet it is smooth & has lovely depth of flavour. Be prepared to be impressed