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A case of easy going wines perfect for a weekday evening
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A case of easy going wines perfect for a weekday evening

2 of each; (12 wines in total)

Vermador Airen/Macabeo 2018 Organic/Vegan, Spain 

Big Co-op, little price for organic wine. Nice and crisp; free run juice; belies its warm origin.

Murphy's Unoaked Chardonnay 2018, Australia

A light touch (no oak), dry, delicate with tropical fruit aromas and a soft, fresh taste.

La Lisse Soie D'ivoire Chenin Blanc 2017, France

Loved this when we first tried it- luscious peach/apricot fruit and a dab of creamy oak behind its fruity ears. From near Limoux in SW France. NB don't over-chill, you'll kill the flavour.

Sant Alba Merlot 2018, Chile

Red fruits with hints of tobacco and smoke

Black Raven Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, Australia

Rich, dark and deliciously blackcurranty.

Rioja Vega Red 2018, Spain

A scrummy Joven (young & un-oaked) type of Rioja. The fruit is immense & yet it is smooth & has lovely depth of flavour. Be prepared to be impressed