Crisp, Sauvignony Whites - 12 bottles

2 of each of these every-day easy drinkers.
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A mix bag of whites to appeal to any Sauvignon Drinker. Light, refreshing style wines with no oak

2 of each; (12 wines in total)

Hand Made Sauvignon, South Africa

Green apple, freshly cut grass and lime with punchy tropical fruit and fresh figs. Fresh, and vibrant, with a brisk acidity that makes for a mouth-watering, dry finish.

Vergel Organic Airen/Sauvignon, Spain

Old vine Airen and zippy Sauvignon marry well; lots of lees ageing; ripe peachy style; no oak.

Parlez Vous Sauvignon Blanc, France

Fresh, lively and zesty. Very New World in style but with a bit of French elegance.

Kotuku Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand

Fruity, fresh and totally delightful. A bargain because he buys in some of the grapes for this wine from his neighbours.

Santa Alba Sauvignon Blanc, Chile  

Gooseberry, wild herbs and ripe citrus fruits. Light, dry and full of fruit.

Camina Verdejo, Spain

Fresh'n'light modern white that would appeal to Sauvignon drinkers, melon, citrus and honeysuckle.