Discovery Case

A few of our more interesting discoveries of the year.
Fancy trying something new? this is the case for you!
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2 of each;

Diapiro White 2017, Spain

Merseguera grape, a new one on us. Grapefruit, fennel, mint and peach and very subtle wood.

Cote du Rhone 'Regulus' Clavel White 2016, France

Rolls around the mouth beautifully. Soft, fruity Viognier balances the body of the Grenache Blanc.

Garganega Castelforte 2017/8, Italy

Full-bodied, fresh and peachy with a real depth and character- yummy.

Esporao Quatro Castas 2017, Portugal

Really lovely, juicy and soft bit of kit from the experts at Esporao. They've done it again!

Bodegones Tannat 2017, Uruguay

Deep, deep red in colour, chunky/massive and intense with bright red berries, mint and eucalyptus.

Cabaret Frank No.2 'The Aviary' Old Vine Cabernet Frank 2017, USA

A smooth, medium bodied and easy drinking wine that strikes a lovely balance between dark fruits, leafy tones and freshness.