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A box of literally the best lagers on the planet.
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Lockdown let me pursue my true passion, finding the best lager out there. I’ve been in the beer industry for 8 years, and have developed a great palette for these things now, but one thing I love to go back to is Lagers. Look, some people just don’t want to get punched in the face by hops and sweetness every drink, I can sympathise. Lager offers a solace that is hard to come by. So sit back and get ready for some of the best of the crispy treats. 


Cromarty - Lager - The perfect fridge filler. Crisp, clean and uber refreshing. Based on the classic Munich Style, a light and bright gold colour with mild and elegant touches. Hints of sweetness, breadiness and a pinch of hops. 


Ayinger - Lager - As traditional as it comes. The famous Bavarian brew that makes Ayingers signature lager the perfect example of the style. Another Muenchener style brew that makes for a balanced and mellow drinker experience. Perfect to have with all the nibbles going about, the crisp smooth finish will only leave you wanting more. 


Augustiner - Helles - A true connoisseurs light beer. Sweet crisp and a touch of hoppiness with perfect carbonation. Dubbed Münchners favourite beer, Augustiner does everything by the book. Super quaffable and refreshing, it’s hard to say which is really the best Munich lager between this and Ayinger. Try them both and see if you can spot the differences. 


Astra - Lager - Hamburg's favourite. This phenomenal little number stole my heart (the symbol also of St Pauli) back two summers ago and i've not quite recovered ever since. I drank copious amounts of it with little adverse effects but it was clean, crisp and well balanced. Granted the stunning city may have made it taste better, but hey ho! Try it and find out.


Jever - Probably the most well known Pilsners in the world. Clean and crisp with slight grassy and floral notes, with a touch of malt. It’s very smashable, and has less of a hoppy predominance leading to a super clean finish. 


Berliner Pilsner - German Party Beer. Berlin’s favourite and one of ours too. We’ve got some in our fridges always and for good reason. This little can of joy is mired in happiness. Clean and a touch of grassiness, finished with a light citrus bite and a touch of bread. It won’t linger too long on the palette, allowing plenty more time to enjoy another.


* subject to availability we may substitute a beer with the same style and at least the same value. If this creats a problem for you, please let us know.