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To see a world where people enjoy natural cheeses with joy and in balance. As a result, they have lifelong wellness and connection with their favourite people.

Enjoying delicious cheeses is one of life’s true pleasures, especially when you need to slow down, unwind and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest. If like us, you love the complex flavour and aroma of traditionally-made cheese and the pleasure of discovering new favourites, you're in the right place. We believe that cheeses should be not only delicious, but also good for our health and the health of our planet.

Our goal is to raise Fine Cheese awareness and appreciation in Great Britain and to transform the way the British people eat cheese. Fine Cheese is full of virtues and has been proven to be good for your body and soul, that's why it should be enjoyed regularly, mindfully and in good company.

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We exist to champion Farmhouse and Artisan cheeses and to inspire a Joyful and Mindful Eating Culture.

Our business, and our cheese selection, are inspired by the travels and expertise of Svetlana, our founder. Previously the owner of The Guid Cheese Shop in St. Andrews, Scotland (where she earned the nickname “the cheese lady”), Svetlana has been developing this love affair with Fine Cheese for over 15 years now. She has learned from the best cheese retailers, traditional cheese makers and maturers in the trade. She has gone on to write a book on cheese, judge cheeses at competitions and spread her passion through tasting events and masterclasses. To learn more about Svetlana’s journey and expertise read here.

At The Cheese Lady we offer a curated selection of complex farmhouse and artisan cheeses. We source only the cheeses that are made from pure ingredients and with no chemical or artificial additives by those who really understand and care about the traditional cheese making craft. Because these cheeses are produced from unadulterated milk and matured properly and slowly, they are wholesome, complexlingering, and have a “taste of place”. What’s more, they are alive. We call this type of cheese “Fine Cheese”.


What exactly is Fine Cheese?

It is a short way of saying Farmhouse and Artisan cheese, but also including the following ideas

  • Fine cheese comes from great milk; animal welfare and feed are paramount
  • Fine cheese is made in a traditional way by masters of the cheesemaking craft
  • Fine cheese is a properly matured cheese
  • Fine cheese is full of health benefits, when consumed in moderation
  • Fine cheese has seasonality
  • Fine cheese has terroir (taste of place)
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ZOOM Cheese & Wine Tasting with Svetlana & Simon FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER

Join our Simon & Svetlana "The Cheese Lady" in an odyssey ...

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