Richard - life before Grog

Set up Grog in May '99 after having worked for Oddbins (remember them?) for 10 years, latterly in Edinburgh as a branch manager and staff "Product" Trainer. R has the wset Diploma and has done the first year Master of Wine. He is also a wset Approved Tutor. A far-too-keen drinker & taster, as friends (& wife) will testify, with a fondness for anything decent made from grapes...R has what is termed in the trade a "commercial" palate ie. he likes what most people like. Holds the record for the heaviest bottle bank in his street.


Janice - life before Grog

Behind every great man there’s a great woman. If it wasn’t for Janice the rest of us would have no wine to sell, no money, no fuel to put in the vans, no vans to put fuel in and so on and so forth. Allegedly sat down for a sandwich once. Has worked for Grog since late 1999 (child labour).


Simon - life before Grog

A ridiculously chirpy Teesider who was formerly known as an artist at the Edinburgh College of Art. Simon loves a drop of wine most minutes of the day and tends to know slightly more about what he’s drinking than the people who made it. He will pontificate at length on many things including wine, art, cycles, mountains (athletic rather than aesthetic), Middlesbrough, Ridley Scott (who was also from Middlesbrough). 2003 vintage Grogger. Party time?


Heather - life before Grog

A tactical drinker (she likes to plan her drinking out loud) with a taste for all the finer things in life but not the bank account to match. Rumoured to be an excellent cook... (hint hint). A 2006 vintage grogger. Heather is now back from maternity leave. congrats to her, Steve, Rorie & Calum. 


John B - life before Grog

Can you believe it? John worked for me in Oddbins about 20 years ago, then he ran the Grog Bar in Rose Street for 7 years. He then ran Wildfire restaurant for a couple of years & then decided to return to the fold! He still looks SO baby faced! Alcohol is a preservative after all. John adeptly runs the Grog Bottle Shop.


"Red" - life before Grog

Red (also know as Ian) was Oddbins' "Van man" in Edinburgh for 10 years (where Richard originally gave him the job!) until sloping across to join Grog in 2004. Red only has his level 2 wine exam but his road knowledge is Encyclopedic. Likes to pretend he’s Elvis and his blood is made from 100% Chardonnay. Red & Janice only recently discovered they stood in the same queue for a Status Quo concert 32 years ago. Oh how things could be so different today. Aspires to enter "Pop Master on Radio 2" with specialist subject of Elvis. Travelled to Graceland in 2014 for research purposes (twice). He saw Woody Allen in New York in 2017 & was VERY excited.



Gary - life before Grog

Sleek, silent and stealthy like a Ninja. Highly organised and efficient. If you look at him for too long you turn into a goat. Has a morbid, muttering, mumbling dislike of staircases (like most delivery folk). Since 2004 in Grog? Crumbs, how time flies.


"Chris" - life before Grog

Big bloke, beard (sometimes). 6 foot 4 inches & 18+ stone & can carry 8 cases of wine at once. When I say 18 stone, I mean 20 stone, he put on 2 stone in his month in Argentina (Argentina now has a shortage of red wine & red meat). He has played rugby for the Indian national team. Don’t dare call him ugly. Chris has a degree in Geophysics & is a qualified snowboard instructor. Probably the most overqualified van driver on the planet. Not quite as hairy in the flesh as his picture would suggest. Disappears for all of January snow surfing every (& I mean every) year; even in 2016 & 2017 with babies in tow! (He left them behind in 2018, strange that.


"John P" - life before Grog

General Sales Bod & DIY expert. Bought a state of the art racing bicycle which doesn't have brakes, pretty good in Holland me thinks,Edinburgh?! ..strange he doesn't use it much. John is half sales, half warehouse, but all man. John is a thinking man's man. Now has his diploma level 4 WSET. Only does four days a week so he can spend time thinking about doing DIY on his yacht in Monaco or Skiing in Val D'Isere, Avoriaz, Les Gets or the Dolomites. In Grog since 2006.


Davi B - life before Grog

An Ecosse-Brasilian with many a year’s experience soaked in the wine trade. With Italian paternal & maternal grandparents who separately emigrated from Italy (from different regions!) to Brasil, he has an excellent gastronomic pedigree. After a trial for Hearts┬Ł he decided that Scottish football didn’t live up to his Brasilian expectations. He ended up in running his own restaurant in Edinburgh; after spending time in London, Ibiza & Italy; not in that order. He has worked in Great Grog since 2014 now & is the most multi-lingual member of the team, or at least so he says.

Visita S. Luis0077.JPG

Clare K - life before Grog

Clare has her level 3 (with distinction - no less) & is studying for her level 4 diploma in wine. She cycles to work & occassionally doesn't fall off (no wine involved). She has enormous experience working invarious restaurants around Edinburgh & can pronounce "Gewurztraminer or Hárslevel┼▒ " effortlessly (go on, test her!). Clare is a brand new Grogger - she started in 2016 to replace Eli who is off to work for KPMG in the big smoke (commiserations) after 4 years of Grogging while doing History at Edin. Uni.



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