Christmas 2023 List!

Download the list It seems like an age ago, and behold, the calendar doesn’t lie. It was a cool crisp March in 1999 that I handed my notice in to Oddbins after a 10 year stint of working for the then pre-eminent national wine merchant.…

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Terrific Terre di Valter wines

Terre Di Valter (land of Walter) wines from Camapnia in Southern Italy. Gorgeous wines getting some well deserved acclaim.

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Brand New and Antique Ghost Shop signs

We are keeping the antique ghost sign from the 19th century as a nod to the fact that there has been a wine merchant here for 140 years. Duncan Smith has retired now but we will try and step into his large and distinguished shoes.

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Duty Rise on Wine 1st August 2023

Never good news when tax rises on wine. However, the UK government has decided to overhaul the alcohol duty system quite radically. The current duty rate on wine up to 15% alcohol is £2.67 including VAT (yes, there is VAT on duty). From the 1st…

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Sauvignon and friends Tasting

Instagram Live: Sauvignon and friends

Just before his in person tasting at the Royal Scots Richard will be live online to chat about a few of the wines he'll be showing. Just grab your favourite bottle of Sauvignon and taste along

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Sauvignon and Friends Tasting £20

Think you know Sauvignon? Richard will be showing you how versatile this ubiqitous grape can be and give you some ideas for branching out in his usual, irreverant style 10 wines to try.

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2021 harvest report in Europe (with a focus on Spain)

Wine production continued to fall in the 2021 harvest in the European Union for the third year in a row, particularly affecting the three major producing countries of Spain, France and Italy, with falls of up to 14%. These three countries represent 45% of world…

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The Chores of Bureaucracy

The 1st October hasn’t previously been a date of significance for me, however this year it will be. As of this date, products brought into the UK must have details of the importer (or their agent) included on the product. This already applies to imports…

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