Restaurants and Pubs

Restaurants & PubsHow on earth are we ever going to be able to social distance in Pubs and restaurants? In fact, what exactly is social distancing? Surely it should be called anti-social distancing anyway. There is nothing social about the fabric of society being rumpled…

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Wine as Food

The current situation in Scotland is rather painful; however, people who drink wine at home seem to be seeking solace in more wine. No huge surprise there, one would think. At least this is what the headlines have been telling us recently. We are all…

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A question of sulphur

A question of Sulphur…… Something which we hear from customers fairly often is “I’m allergic to sulphites, I always get a headache after drinking a bottle of 14.5% red wine.” or “It brings me out in rash instantly, it’s the sulphur…” or “I snogged the…

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Beavers in the shop

WE ARE SORRY THAT THE SHOP IS IN A BIT OF A GUDDLE AT THE MOMENT. However,WE ARE OPEN AS USUAL pending further works Here is a picture of the now replaced lintel for the doorway next door.I quote from the insurer..."Structural engineers have been…

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Shrinking wine markets

The World of WineThe biggest wine consuming country in the world is America, however it looks like their steady increase in consumption over the last decade has come to an end. Initial figures show that in 2019 they drank 1% less than in 2018. This…

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Getting Old

When I started in the wine trade many decades ago there was fashion called as Beaujolais Nouveau. Never one to be swayed by fashion, it was always something I was a bit cynical about. It was an innovative marketing ploy to get consumer’s to drink…

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Classic Food & Wine Pairings

Oysters  with Muscadet (I wouldn’t have red as it will give a metallic taste in the mouth) It is light with a salty edge and a creamy feel (from lees ageing). Great acidity makes this wine like a squeeze of lemon on your oysters so no…

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Riondo 0006s 0003 Riondo Collezione Prosecco

Golden Prosecco (Gold Medal!) "Riondo Collezione Prosecco is an Extra Dry Spumante, fresh and velvety with scents of Golden Delicious apple, pear and acacia blossom: perfect as an aperitif and to liven up a party." Couldn't agree more!  

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Harvest Time 2019

  The grape harvest has started in France with a sense of urgency. The very hot July period has brought the harvest forward for most of the regions. There are also some problems associated with the extreme of summer temperature, with some of the grapes…

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Rural Wine Woes

Has the lowering of the drink driving limit in 2014 had an impact? The answer is a definitive yes, but not in the ways the Scottish Government hoped. There is international evidence that reducing the drink driving limit will lead to a reduction in road…

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Varietal Preferences

If you reach for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc tonight you will not be alone. The majority of glasses of wine that will be drunk tonight in the UK will be from that grape variety. We seem to have a love affair with its’ grassy,…

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Spring Wine Fair Top Sellers

Thanks so much to all our amazing Grog customers for braving the rain and coming along to our wine fair last Friday evening. We had a brilliant time with 100 wines supported by loads of producers including Allan Scott who was here all the way…

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Vegan vs Organic

Vegan Wines?There is a real vogue at the moment in the UK for vegetarian, and indeed vegan, products. Restaurants now have to have a vegan option in both beer and wine. One would have thought that surely wines and beers are already vegan being made…

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Wine Rocks

There has historically been a perceived link between soils that vines are grown in and the flavour of the wine that you drink. However, there has been quite a lot of research into the subject in the last few years and there is very little…

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