Tutored Tastings

Come along for an hour and a half(-ish) worth of relaxation, expert chat and speed tasting through 10 selected wines from our range. No previous experience in wine tasting required. You will merely be asked to taste some delicious wines and listen a bit to us talk about them, nothing onerous. A great value night out if nothing else.

Tom Cannavan’s “North by North East” Virtual Tasting Pack £67

Thu 25th August 2022 7:00 pm

Join Tom on his latest wine Adventure! Let's take a voyage of discovery on the backroads of northern and eastern Europe... Held over two evenings, Thursdays 25th August and 1st September, taste the wines as Tom delivers an interesting and detailed insight into the wines, history and culture of the different areas. Read the full details of his course, buy the pack and enjoy the trip!

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Want snacks for your tastings? Just add them to your basket and we'll deliver as part of your order.

Live Facebook /Instagram Tastings

Instagram and Facebook live One wine every week. All you have to do is buy the wine, taste along and listen to our live chat! Get free delivery as part of a wine order over £89. Live questions/comments very welcome during throughout. Join us and cheer up your mid-week.

Instagram Live: Santa Alba Reserve Pinot Noir

Wed 17th August 2022 7:00 pm

We have many amazing value wines but when it comes to bang for buck this Pinot is right up there. Come and find out why it is just sooo delicious (and under a tenner!) live online with JP. Just buy a bottle and taste along

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Instagram Live: Handmade Red Blend

Wed 24th August 2022 7:00 pm

Angus will be live online from the West Coast (hopefully minus the midgies) where he'll be tasting his family's favourite tipple. His dad might make a guest appearance too! Just buy a bottle and taste along

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Instagram Live: Steenberg Sparkling Chardonnay 1682

Wed 31st August 2022 7:00 pm

Simon will be live online popping corks about what Methode Cap Classique is why it is one of the most exciting categories of wine coming out of South Africa right now. Just buy a bottle and taste along

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Instagram Live: Domaine St Paul Grenache/Syrah 2021

Wed 14th September 2022 7:00 pm

To help celebrate World Grenache Day Clare will be opening a bottle of this juicy number and chatting about how this relatively under the radar grape can pop up in some of the most famous wines on the planet. Just buy a bottle and taste…

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Bottle-shop Tastings

We will be doing tastings every Friday and Saturday between 2pm-6pm on some of our favourite wine, beer and gin. Please call the shop 0131 667 2855 if you need more info.

Private Tastings

Fees and Costs-  Smaller private events are charged at £150 inc vat flat rate for a Host-Tutor for the evening. This is charged per event and is not dependent on number of participants, wines are charged at retail cost in addition. Larger, corporate events are charged per head (min 23 folk). No maximum number of participants. . A good number of wines to try is 8-10 (12 is often beyond the capacity of mere mortals)

Snacks- If you would like a food vs wine element to the evening we can do snacks (Olives, Smoked Almonds etc) at the same time as the wines

Tasting Themes- can be along "Country" themes, but could be by "Grape Variety, Organic, Regional" etc. The choices are almost limitless. We are happy to suggest wines along your chosen theme.

Venues- We can suggest venues that can host wine tastings if you don't have a space in mind.

What we bring- We will bring the wines, glassware, tasting sheets, spitoons (often under-used) and considerable expertise and entertainment..