Wine Tastings

(tickets numbers will be emailed to you, no physical tickets will be issued)

Tutored Tastings

Come along for an hour and a half(-ish) worth of relaxation, expert chat and speed tasting through 10 selected wines from our range. No previous experience in wine tasting required. You will merely be asked to taste some delicious wines and listen a bit to us talk about them, nothing onerous. A great value night out if nothing else.

Pakora Bar Wine Dinner


Tue 10th September 2024 12:00 am at Pakora Bar, 111 Holryrood Road

Back by popular demand we'll be hosting another wine and curry night with our pals at the Pakora Bar. 6 wines with a feast of pakoras and curries. Not to be missed!

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Find tickets for our Christmas Wine Fair here

Live Facebook /Instagram Tastings

Instagram and Facebook live wine every week. All you do is buy the wine, taste along and listen to our live chat! Get free delivery as part of a wine order over £99 or collect from the bottleshop/warehouse for free.  Join us and cheer up your/our mid-week.

Bottleshops FREE DROP-IN Tastings

We will be doing tastings of some of our favourite wine, beer and gin. Follow us @greatgrogshop for more info. Very informal, just drop by. SEE INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK ONES THAT ARE COMING LIVE FROM THE SHOPS. You can tune in online or DROP IN in person to the shops to join in

Private Tastings

Fees and Costs:  Small private events are charged at £195 inc vat for a Host-Tutor for the evening plus any wines tasted at retail price.

Larger events are charged at £20 per head (minimum £400). No maximum number of participants. . A good number of wines to try is 8-10. Champagne or fine wine equivalent tastings are £30 per head (minimum £600)

Snacks: If you would like a food vs wine element to the evening we can do snacks (Olives, Smoked Almonds etc) for a small charge.

Tasting Themes: can be along “Country” themes, but could be by “Grape Variety, Organic, Regional” etc. The choices are almost limitless. We are happy to suggest wines along your chosen theme.

Venues: We can suggest venues that can host wine tastings if you don’t have your own space in mind.

What we bring: We will bring the wines, glassware, tasting sheets, spitoons (often under-used) and considerable expertise and entertainment..