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Bottle Shop – 2 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

2 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh tel:0131 667 2855 Click below for Beer List 31.08.21       Great Grog Bottle Shop is an award winning wine & beer merchant based in Edinburgh expertly run by John, Fraser, Angus, George & Georgie specialising in the sale of craft beer…

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Fur traders in canada 1777

Are there any indigenous grapes in the New World?

    Have you ever wondered, in the middle of night as you stare at the ceiling and try to ignore the cat scratching at your bedroom door, why all the grapes from Chile, Argentina, Australia and the USA are the same as the ones…

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gobillard vintage rose

Tickled Pink. Rose in the sun and snow.

 click for video Weirdly, making Rose Prosecco was illegal for the last few years. The "Prosecco" regulator thought it caused consumer confusion (and to be honest, we are easily confused). It is back now, since 2020, with a bang (or is that pop?). Rose Champagne…

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Za Za Zoom: Wine Tasting in the Covid Age

Za Za Zoom……Wine in the Covid Age What a difference a year makes. This time last year we as an independent wine merchant had a programme of tastings booked in for the year, mostly for 30 folk in a room with a theme or guest-hosted…

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Finish the Fino and Pass the Port

Festive Fancies I think I’m going to have to drink more Port and Sherry this year than in previous years. Not necessarily because I want to, but because I feel obliged as they are such good sharing drinks and I’m going to pretend to share….…

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Private Virtual Events

Private Zoom Wine Tastings Fees and Costs Private events are charged at £150 inc vat flat rate for a host for the evening.This is charged per event and is not dependent on number of participants. No maximum number of participantsThe wines are charged at retail…

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offers 2020

Don’t Panic

Brexit Panic Buying? Apparently Felixtowe is the busiest container port in Britain. There are currently a few weeks delay in ships docking and some boats have been sent to Holland to unload rather than face the wait. Their containers can then be unloaded onto trucks…

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Christmas Looms

Christmas Looms Phone 0131 555 0222 17 East Cromwell Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6HD Merry Christmas from Great Grog Christmas going on's  We know things have been tough this year and all of us at Great Grog want to help you out and bring…

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All in the Mix

Ther I think a few myths need to be exploded here so we can all move on First of all, to have a single grape variety on the label within the EU it only has to contain 85% of that one variety (another thing we’ll…

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How Grog began – in the Rhone

  Biodynamic, Organic & sustainable agriculture reds from the Village of Vinsobres in the Southern Rhone.The "Cotes du Rhone" is lightly lighter and like "Beaujolias with knobs on" and more "easy-drinking" than the straight "Vinsobres village" wine. The reason being is that some of their…

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