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It seems like an age ago, and behold, the calendar doesn’t lie. It was a cool crisp March in 1999 that I handed my notice in to Oddbins after a 10 year stint of working for the then pre-eminent national wine merchant. Unfortunately, they went downhill after I left, co-incidence? I think not.Does that mean I need to plan a 25th anniversary celebration, possibly involving wine?
It was almost exactly one month later in April 1999 that my delightful wife announced the joyful news of child number one. A piece of advice, “not ideal timing” apparently isn’t the correct repost. I was swiftly corrected.

Fraser (child number one) is now adeptly running the Dalkeith Road Great Grog shop. He is currently studying for his Level 4 WSET wine exam, which is considerably trickier than back in my day.
John and Tommy have shifted down to the new grog shop at the Pleasance which we took over from Duncan Smith.

Lawrence Smith was Duncan’s great-grandfather, and it really is an honour to take on a wine business that was established in 1883. We hope to continue their tradition for many years to come. We have also preserved the old 19th century signage which hopefully Duncan will be pleased with.

Business continues to grow in 2023 and I am very grateful to my customers and my staff for their unstinting tolerance of my oddities, my peculiarities and (almost unknown) failings. Here’s to another 25 years (as though). Cheers, Richard .

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