Scottish beers in the warehouse

beer beer beer Discover the Rich Tapestry of Scottish Beers at Great Grog Warehouse

Welcome to a voyage through Scotland’s vibrant beer landscape, brought to life at the Great Grog Warehouse. From the bustling streets of Edinburgh to the rugged beauty of the Black Isle, our selection of Scottish beers captures the essence of the nation’s rich brewing heritage.

Edinburgh’s Finest: Barney’s and Bellfield

Dive into the heart of Edinburgh with Barney’s Red Rye, a beer that marries six different types of malt to create a symphony of honey, biscuit, nuts, spice, and earthiness. Not far behind, Barney’s Volcano IPA strikes a perfect balance with its biscuity malt backbone and zingy, bitter hops.

For those seeking something bold yet gluten-free, Bellfield’s offerings don’t disappoint. The Daft Days Porter is an inky-black delight with rich chocolate and coffee notes, while the Lawless Village IPA and Session Ale bring bright, citrussy hops to the forefront.

Leith’s Liquid Sunshine: Campervan Brewery

Leith Juice, a sunny session IPA from Campervan Brewery, brings a splash of West Coast American hops and orange zest, embodying the East Coast of Scotland’s unexpected sun. Their Leith Pils is a nod to tradition, offering a crisp and clean taste journey with German Tettnang hops and Bavarian yeast.

Black Isle’s Bold Brews: Cromarty Brewing

From Cromarty Brewing on the Black Isle, we introduce the Ghost Town Porter, a dark, ten-malt porter with big piney hops and a robust finish. Their Happy Chappy, a pale ale, combines crisp citrus hops from the USA with tropical hops from NZ for a refreshing experience.

Lochaber’s Liquid Gold: Glen Spean Brewing

Glen Spean’s offerings showcase the local landscape’s influence on beer. The Highbridge IPA, with its caramel hues and citrus hit, and the Pale Blonde, a biscuity ale with a light citrus finish, are perfect for those who appreciate the subtler side of beer.

Innovative and Traditional: A Taste of Scotland

Our warehouse is a treasure trove of Scottish brewing creativity and tradition. From Harviestoun’s velvety Old Engine Oil to Innis & Gunn’s oak-aged complexity, each beer tells a story of its origins, the crafters’ vision, and Scotland’s natural bounty.

Join Us for a Tasting Journey

Embark on a tasting journey with us at Great Grog Warehouse. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or new to the world of craft beer, our collection promises discoveries at every turn. Visit us to explore the full range of what Scottish beers have to offer.

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