12 Mixed Belgian beers


Fine selection of delicious Belgian beers, perfect for every occasion!


2 of each;

-Rochefort Triple 33cl bottle. Triple Extra stands out with its golden blonde colour, citrus notes and spicy scent.

-Chimay Blue 33cl bottle. A rich dark ale from trappist brewery Chimay. A luxurious dubbel with coffee, chocolate, and banana.

-St Bernardus Pater 33cl bottle. Flavours of bready caramel with fruity notes of melon and banana alongside some belgian funk.

-Brugsze Zot Blonde 33cl bottle. A well balanced easy-drinking beer with character, the only beer brewed in Bruges’ towncenter. The beer is brewed with 4 different kinds of malt and 2 aromatic varieties of hop which give this beer its unique taste.

-Delirium Tremens 33cl bottle. One of the iconic Belgian beers, this strong (8.5%) blonde is boozy, warming, but nicely rounded with sweeter malty notes and a refreshingly dry finish. It’s taken all of our willpower to not describe this as “tremens-dous!”

-Lindemans Gueze Cuve Rene 375ml bottle. Complex tart and well-balanced taste with a nice crisp, dry finish.


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