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Gorgeous Champagne & even more so for being larger.

GRAPE Chard, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meurnier CLOSURE Cork


DRY     *________|________|________|________|     SWEET

LIGHT     |________*________|________|________|     FULL BODIED

NO OAK     *________|________|________|________|     OAKY

Additional information

Gobillard et Fils

The birth certificate of the GOBILLARD vineyard dates back to 1933 when Gervais Gobillard decided to become independent and to the chagrin of his family bought with his meager savings 1 hectare of vines in Hautvillers, the village of Dom Pérignon and his wife, herself the owner. of a few plots. He wants to be a winegrower and produce his own champagne.

At that time, only the big trading houses enjoyed success. Small winegrowers like Gervais know only misery, and many of them give up. He perseveres in his conviction that champagne will not always be reserved for the "Great" of this world. After several years of hard work, he has his own brand and above all he is already building customer loyalty.

He passed on his passion for vines and wine to his son Jean-Marie. Champagne is becoming more democratic, vineyard land is being replanted and the need for plants is enormous.

Jean-Marie GobillardJean-Marie and his wife Françoise, create the wine nursery. Success was rapid and this allowed them to gradually invest in the Champagne vineyards, which from 1970 to 1980 was possible. In 1982, their estate, located mostly in Hautvillers, was about 8 hectares of vines. Unfortunately, in 1982, during a tragic accident, fate decided to prevent Jean-Marie from profiting from his success. His sons, Philippe, Jean-François and Thierry are very young (Sandrine, their sister is only 13), but their father has always instilled in them a sense of work, responsibility and brotherhood.

37 years have passed, their values ​​still remain the same, the company after a very nice expansion is still prosperous. Thanks to the passion of Gervais, Jean Marie and the 2 following generations, themselves inspired by their work, Champagne JM GOBILLARD & Fils is present today throughout the world, the quality and its notoriety install it among the greatest. Champagne houses.

Today every 22 seconds, a bottle produced by our house is opened in the world.


60% Chardonnay 4 0% Pinot Noir

The grapes for this cuvée are selected at harvest from old vines with low production, the best exposed, located mid-slope on the chalk.
The base wines resulting from this first plot selection, more concentrated and more qualitative, will then have to successfully pass a very rigorous blind taste test to finally give birth to the flagship of our Champagne House.
Minimum 5 years of aging in the cellar.
Light yellow color, fine nose reminiscent of white flowers and dried fruits.

Quality offered in bottle (75cl), magnum (150cl) and jeroboam (300cl).

Dosage (sugar): 6 to 7g / L.


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