South Africa. Lush and opulent with turkish delight, musk, spice and ripe red fruits.

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Sooooo Good! Lush and opulent with turkish delight, musk, spice and ripe red fruits with aromatic lychee and pomegranate. A delight.

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DRY    |________*________|________|________|     SWEET

LIGHT  |________|________|________*________|     FULL BODIED

NO OAK    *________|________|________|________|     OAKY

Additional information

Rustenberg Estate

Recognised globally as one of South Africa’s top five wine estates, Rustenberg is also one of the oldest in the Cape. In 1941 the Rustenberg Farm, which sits 6km north of Stellenbosch, was bought by Peter Barlow. The Barlows have been at Rustenberg for over 75 years: the longest period any one family has owned the farm with Simon Barlow taking over the running of the farm in 1987, and Murray, his son, now involved with winemaking and marketing.

Vineyards producing the grapes for Rustenberg wines climb the rich red slopes of the Simonsberg and Helderberg; a range of slopes and aspects allows site-specific plantings that enhance varietal characteristics. With a long and very proud history of producing exceptional wines, Rustenberg’s winemaking style is simple: produce quality wines true to the style of the estate and the brand.


Vintage conditions
The 2019 vintage was a challenging one for the Rustenberg team. While the winter of 2018 was a welcome break from the previous four winters of drought, most vineyards had not fully recovered and produced below average yields. A warm snap in June and a wet spring, coupled with a wetter than average summer harvesting season made 2019 a challenge, with some late harvest thinning or multiple harvests of the same vineyard required to achieve uniformity. Early- and mid-season-ripening varieties performed well, all achieving flavour ripeness at lower alcohol levels, while late-ripening varieties required patience and extended time on the vines, again achieving lower alcohols overall, but creating ripe, structured wines.

Vinification details
Rustenberg’s Red Muscadel has been made using a centuries-old process of fortifying grape juice in order to produce a dessert-style wine. Grapes are harvested at high sugar levels, gently pressed and the juice fortified with neutral grape and twice-distilled brandy spirit. This addition preserves the natural flavours of the juice while ensuring that no fermentation can take place in the wine, also preserving the natural sugar from the grape juice.