Fairly youthful, simple, easy-drinking tawny with bags of molasses and nutty flavours. Port of Leith bring the casks in to mature their whisky s this is a delicious by-product of the whisky trade!!

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A lovely Scottish edge from the folk at the Leith Distillery. Lighter in style than most tawny ports; Tangy orange marmalade, chewy toffee and milk chocolate caramel. A really lively expression that will certainly grow old with some elegance.



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Martha’s Family Estate has been producing exquisite Tawny Port in the Douro Valley since the mid 18th century. For much of that time, their wines were sold to merchants in Porto to be bottled under other people’s brands. We couldn’t quite believe our taste-buds when we discovered them. This Reserve Tawny has been matured for 6 to 8 years and retains incredibly pure and vibrant red fruit flavours with a beautiful nutty undertone.

At the Port of Leith Distillery we’re taking a new and modern approach to produce exceptional Scotch Whisky. Our approach will be founded upon years of research into yeast and fermentation and underpinned by sourcing the very best ingredients that we can find.

Every one of our casks will come from a producer we know and admire, to the extent that we can proudly present their wines or spirits to our clients. This began with the launch of our Oloroso Sherry in 2018 and continues with our Tawny Port. Two products that are forging enduring relationships.